The 20 Most Gorgeous Lock Hairstyles Ever. Nothing to Dread Here

The word “dreadlocks” originated in Jamaica among the Rastafarians to describe hair worn in long, ropelike locks. And interestingly enough, the wearing of dreadlocks can be traced back as far as 3600 years ago to the Minoan Civilization. But who can wear it better than my beautiful sun-kissed? Mmmmm. Nobody!

I’ve seen so many gorgeous dreadlock hairstyles lately that I just had to share the 20 most gorgeous lock hairstyles ever.

In this photo gallery, there are long dreadlock hairstyles, medium length dreadlock hairstyles, some with a bit of color, and all sorts of styles. Check them out and be inspired.

Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for August 2016: Who Wore It Better?

whoworeitbetter_450We are in the last month of Summer, and boy Mr. Sun ain’t takin no prisoners. Woah! So, he just gonna fry my face, my neck AND my hair every time I have to duck out of the house and into my car? Seriously?? Well, alrighty then.

Well, to take your mind off the intensity of this heat — like THAT is possible —  I thought the Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List would be themed Who Does it Better?

I’ve selected five hairstyles (two are really similar because I love them so) and am displaying two different ways to wear each of them. You get to chime in by voting on which natural hairstyle model is wearing the look better. Leave your choice in the comments.

Please keep in mind that the fact that these beautiful ladies are even featured in the August Top 20 Natural Hairstyles List means that their hairstyles and aura are just banging to me, so I don’t want any negative comments. I just want insight into which variation you’d more likely rock if you wore the hairstyle.

So, have fun with  it. And comment away.

Of these two gorgeous blonde, bombshells, who do you think is wearing the beautiful blonde TWA better?

Of these two sexy naturalistas with close cropped cuts, who do you think is wearing it better?

Of these two perfectly executed loose twist outs, who do you think is wearing it better?

Of these two faux loc’d sisters, who do you think is wearing the loc’d bun better?

Of these chunky sisters working chunky tight(er) twist outs, who do you think is wearing it better?

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Make a selection. But each of these candidates, unlike our 2016 presidential candidates, is worthy of your vote. So, let your opinion be heard today!

And STILL vote in the upcoming election. Yes, the candidates aren’t the best, but too many sacrificed it all to just give you an opportunity to cast your ballot.