Natural Hairstyles: Top 10 List

Our natural hair is a celebration of our individuality. We are the only ones that have the honor of wearing a crown of the natural hair texture that God created just for us. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Woman, it’s time to celebrate our natural beauty! And my favorite way to celebrate my love for my natural hair is to shine the spotlight on other beautiful sisters that have come up with a natural hair style that has somehow inspired me or just moved me to give her pic an envious stare, a Facebook like, a Pinterest Pin, or just a Share.

I’ve seen some GORGEOUS styles recently as beautiful sisters are preparing their manes for a change in the seasons. Yes, cooler temperatures are coming!

Here are my Top 10 Natural Hair Styles. Be inspired. Be supportive. Be Bold!

Natural hair braided into a mohawk
Partly Braided Faux Mohawk

Beautiful silver natural hair
Silver Wash-n-Go (MY personal favorite)

Braided Mohawk

Beautiful colored natural hairstyle
Two Toned Wild Style for Natural Hair

Low Tapered Cut Natural Hairstyle

Short, Curly Tapered Cut Natural Hairstyle

Natural Hair that has been dyed honey blonde
Honey Blonde Short, Curly Style of Natural Hair

Beautiful Auburn Hairdye on natural hair
Auburn Bombshell

Tapered Natural Hair worn in a wash-n-go hairstyle
Tapered Wash-n-Go

Braided Natural hairstyle with a side bun
Natural Hair Braided into a Side Bun