Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for May 2016

Things are really warming up outside, so I picked ten of the hottest natural hairstyles for May 2016 to get you through these hot days and cool(er) nights ahead. These ladies are working their natural hairstyles hunty in ways that deserves to be celebrated. . and repeated. So, grab yourself a cup of lemonade and check out the Top Ten Natural Hairstyles List for MY 2016.

Red Hot TWAs Steal The Show

You know I’m a color tryin’ fool when I want to be. And these red TWA’s have the perfect amount of color to give me the itch to dye this little hair of mine yet again.

This red head hottie is rocking a super sexy, super short red TWA
This red head hottie is rocking a super sexy, super short red TWA

Red TWA on a wash and go
Sophisticated and low-maintenance, too on this red TWA with the wash and go.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Sassy Side Part

When you join a side part with a cute twist out, you’ve made magic. Meet my two Natural Hair Magicians.

Parted twist out on natural hair
I love this beautiful sister’s short(er) twist out with a side part.

The best twist out with a side part on natural hair
Oh so neat twist out on longer hair.. again with this cute side part.

Up Up and Away with a Flat Twist Updo

Both of these ladies are taking their hair and the natural hairstyle game up up and away with their flat twist updo’s. They are just lovely!

Flat twist updo on natural hair.
I love this flat twist updo with the crowned twist top.

Flat twist updo with a twisted bang
This flat twist updo has a beautiful twisted bang. Twist and bang.

These Braids are Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Both of these lovely ladies have braided hairstyles that will let you get up and get out of the house on time.

Fat cornrows on natural hair
Fat cornrows braided to the back. Easy and classy.

tapered sides braided top
Tapered sides with a braided bun.

When you need to clean up and get Fancy Shmancy

Instead of saving the best short natural hairstyles for last, my last two featured natural hairstyles are two long natural hairstyles that are just super gorgeous.

Halo Braid with the back out on natural hair
Halo Braid with the back out

A long twist out on natural hair
A twist out on on long, beautiful, healthy natural hair. . with a little color. You go woman!

The myth that natural hair does not either look neat, professional, groomed, beautiful sexy, or gorgeous should be long forgotten. Our natural hair is all that and so much more. . because it is ours and we can craft it into whatever we want to. . thanks to this amazing versatility built into natural hair strands.

So, even if you decide not to rock any of these styles, find one that you love and rock on beautiful sisters!

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