Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for July 2016: Perm Free Perfection

celebratenappyhairandpower_350x387It would’ve been “cute” to do a Top 10 Hairstyles for 4th of July List, but with everything that’s going on in Black America, I’m having a hard time getting excited anymore about fireworks, barbecue, and volleyball games. My brothers are dying in the streets without any explanation or justice and I am hurting. Black people all over the country are hurting.


So, my list is not a Top 10 of Cute July 4th Natural Hairstyles. Sorry. But not sorry.

If it helps, just remember, Black  people were still slaves AFTER the Declaration of Independence was signed, so don’t think I’m bitter. Just aware. 

My Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for July 2016 celebrates  black women who are owning the beauty of their perm-free natural hairstyles even during this long hot summer.

I love the new natural hairstyles I spotted so much I’m including ten bonus hairstyles that I just couldn’t ignore. They’re just too gorgeous to sleep on this month.

Enjoy the Top 10 List for July 2016, and brothers and sisters, and please stay aware.

Oh yeah. I didn’t forget the Bonus Natural Hairstyles that were too good to omit. I just couldn’t. I love them all!