Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for December 2015

I crush on my own natural hair every day. I am truly my hair’s biggest fan because I am SO in love with all the little curly curls and the texture and the color. The credit for all this lovely natural beauty doesn’t even belong to me – it belongs to God – but I still smile every time I pass the mirror to step out the door. I LOVE NATURAL HAIR.

And once again, Queens, it’s time to celebrate our natural beauty! So, this month I am shining the spotlight ten gorgeous women who are just outrageously rocking their beautiful natural hair style in a way that I just have to bow down. YOU GO QUEENS!

Here are my Top 10 Natural Hair Styles for December 2015. Be inspired. Be supportive. Be Bold!

Crazy Afro (Left) and Curly Bun with Curly Bangs (Right)

Halo Braid. See the tutorial on Pinterest.
Ravishing red TWA

Blonde TWA. One of my personal faves

Lauryn Hill. Nuff Said

Black, Short, Curly
Twisted Style
Fancy, Twisted Updo

Twists and Free Twists

And don’t be shy, Queens. Please feel free to comment below with what you think about this month’s top 10; or with a link to a pic of what you think think the first Top Ten Natural Hairstyles of 2016 should include.

Looking for a new style? Or just like me and looking at ten beautiful natural hair styles is just not enough, check out the hundreds I’ve found and fallen in love with on my New2Natural Pinterest page.