Marley Twists, Havana Twists, & Senegalese Twist Hairstyles to Lust Over

By late Spring my natural hair will be the perfect length to twist up into Havana TwistsMarley Twists, or Senegalese Twists. Thanks to my friend, Val, getting my hair twisted is all I can think about. Look, I’m gonna sit in my beautician’s chair and show her some pictures on my phone. I don’t have to know which twist hairstyle I want. They’re too similar for me to be trying to distinguish among.

If you are thinking about getting a twist hairstyle for your natural hair, here are some of the natural hairstyles I’ve been lusting over lately. This is a combined photo gallery of the cutest styles I’ve seen with Havana Twists, Marley Twists and Senegalese Twists. 

My favorite twisted natural hairstyle: I love the Twisted Mohawk look that doesn’t require you to shave the sides of your head. I’m not ready for the shaved head commitment.

What I love the most about these hairstyles is the fact that these ladies have been able to keep their natural twisted hair super shiny. Here are a few products I’ve found to help you get the same shine for your natural hairstyle:

  • **Highly Recommended** RedKen Diamond Oil
    This is the all-in-one oil that both shines AND protects. Here are the ingredients:
    – coriander oil – smoothes the hair texture and increases shine
    – apricot oil – evenly penetrates more hair layers into the hair core, and provides overall moisture
    – camelina oil – penetrates the peripheral layer under the hair cuticle, fills gaps and provides maximum shine
    – jojoba oil – prevents split ends
    – sunflower seed oil – nourishes and softens hair
  • To maintain the intensity of your hair color: Joico oil
  • Smells amazing and leaves my hair super shiny: Macadamia Oil

If you find some other twist hairstyles that you think are better, leave me a link in the comments below. I’d love to see them.

If twisted natural hairstyles are not for you, check out these protective natural hairstyles that could work to keep your natural hair healthy and strong.