HOW TO Make Your Natural Hair Curly

Let’s get something straight. If your natural hair texture is not curly, you are not going to wake up every day with curly [or even wavy] natural hair unless you put in some work. And even with work, you are not going to change your natural hair texture. But you can get some beautiful results by defining your curl pattern.

Natural hair rules are just different from permed hair rules. When you live “the permed life” you may decide, youknowwhat, I’m gonna curl these bangs today. Then, you just plug up your curling iron, separate your bangs, and in about 15 seconds you have curly bangs. Yeah. Yeah. That’s not gonna work on your natural hair. But I’ve got a few tactics to help you curl your natural hair (i.e. better define your curls) that may give you the look you will like.

Wash and go on natural hairWash and Go: I love the super fro

1. Wash and Go. Just let your natural curl pattern show. 
Most naturals have hair that is just coily by default. Of course, it may be like mine and so tightly coiled that unless you stretch it out, it looks nappy. In this case, if you’re not choosy about how the curls look, you can just use the wash and go method to get curly natural hair. But you’re going to have to do a little prep work first: 1a) Cut damaged ends. 1b)  Avoid using heat.

Here are some simple wash and go instructions:  
– Co-wash your hair by cleaning it with your favorite conditioner. De-tangle with your fingers as you work the conditioner through your strands.
– Rinse out MOST of the conditioner. When you’re done rinsing, your hair shouldn’t feel slimy, but you should still be able to feel the subtle presence of conditioner.
– Pat your hair dry with a towel, so it’s still moist, but not dripping.
– Add a leave-in conditioner and work through your tangles again with your fingers. Use a wide tooth comb to separate your hair into four quadrants to make sure you work through it oil.
– Rub in oil to seal in the moisture once your done. I usually use coconut oil, but use what works best for you.
– Know that once your hair is dry, unless your hair tends to dry curly, it will probably draw up into an afro, but this option is for those who just want to wear your crown of natural hair without any additional manipulation.

Coiling your natural hair is a great way to get beautiful curlsCheck out the coiling and twisting tutorials

2. Coils and Twists. 
The wash and go described above isn’t going to give you any curl definition, but coils and twists definitely will.

It’s best done on moist and conditioned here. And the only difference between coils and twists is that coils are created by using your index finger to wrap your hair and you have to separate the hair into two separate pieces when doing twists. To make either option work, you’re going to have to detangle your hair before getting started. Here’s the link to a natural hair coiling tutorial that I’ve used. Here’s the link to a natural hair twisting tutorial that I’ve used.

Use curling rods and no heat on natural hair to get beautiful curlsCurl your hair while it’s moist
and forget the heat.

3. Curling Rods
No. The curling iron won’t work on your natural hair – not unless you dry it out and use some setting lotion to get started, but the curling rods will. Once you’re done cowashing, sealing with oil and detangling, and while your hair is still moist section it out into small sections and apply the curling rods. Allow it to air dry or dry overnight.  Here’s the link to a curling rod tutorial I’ve used.

A braid out on natural hair doesn't get you "curls" but gets beautiful waves insteadThe longer you can leave your braids in,
the deeper the wave pattern will be.

4. Braids/Plaits
Cornrow braids won’t curl your hair, but they will help you get a nice wavy look. Again, once you’re done cowashing, sealing with oil and detangling, and while your hair is still moist, part it into 8 sections and cornrow braid each section separately. You don’t have to braid into the scalp, but you want to make sure your braid all the way to the ends of your hair, so your braids don’t unravel while you’re waiting for your hair to dry. Allow your hair to air dry for 3-4 hours and you’ll be able to get some subtle waves. The longer you can leave the braids in the deeper the wave pattern. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Queens, I want you to be bold. Be a show off & support the natural hair movement. Get a New2Natural tote bag today!

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