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50 Wedding Worthy Natural Hairstyles for Beautiful Summer Brides OR Her Guests

There are a million details you have to remember when planning your wedding. Venue. . Invitations. . Caterer. . Rings. . Wedding Party Selection. . Guest list. . Photographer. . Dress. . Jewelry. .  The list of wedding details you just can’t afford to forget can go on and on and on and on.

Still searching for the perfect wedding hairstyle for your natural hair?

Please enjoy this gallery of fifty of the classiest, most elegant and gorgeous natural hairstyles for brides and their wedding guests. This gallery contains wedding hairstyles for natural hair of every length. If you find one and use it for your special day. . or when you celebrate another beautiful bride, please remember to post the link to a pic of you rocking the natural hairstyle. I’ve LOVE to see it.

adorable rod curls on natural hair
Soft and Shiny Rod Set Curls on Natural Hair

bangs and ponytail with gorgeous color and webbing
This gorgeous bride has pulled her side bangs and cute puff under a white bird cage hair clip.

beautiful twisted updo_450x440
This beautiful twisted updo on her natural hair outshines even this Naturalista’s rhinestone hair barrette.

braided bun on natural hair
Far too intricate to just be considered a protective hairstyle, this braided back bun is a lovely hairstyle for a wedding.

braided updo_450x356
A braided top bun is a beautiful wedding hairstyle for a woman with natural hair.

bun with coily bangs on natural hair
Rock the wedding and reception out with this cute high bun with curly bangs.

close cut twa_450x424
Be the hottest thing at a summer wedding with this super close cut TWA.

Upgrade your twists by sweeping them to the side with a beautiful flower hair ornament in your natural hair.

cornrows and fancy mohawk_450x581
Until I saw this beautiful bride I couldn’t really envision cornrows and mohawk looking this stunning.

crowned in locs_450x450
On your wedding day, you ARE royalty which makes this loc crown with gold accents the the perfect natural hairstyle for a wedding.

fancy flowers in her fro_450x450
Let your afro flow on your wedding day just like it does every other day. But don’t forget your flowers.

fancy locs_450x445
Fancy locs and a simple birdcage grace this beautiful natural bride on her wedding day.

fancy mohawk_450x503
Get fancy. . with a mohawk. . No, I’m serious. This natural hair mohawk is a perfect fancy updo for a wedding.

fancy natural updo_448x452
This is one of the most traditional fancy updos for natural hair.

faux locs in updo_450x457
You can go from your wedding to your Caribbean honeymoon without skipping a beat with these gorgeous faux locs pulled in a beautiful updo.

flat twist bun450x454
On your wedding day, pull your flat twists into this exquisite bun for an elegant updo on your natural hair.

flowery bun_450x459
No wedding can have too many flowers, right, so consider adding a few when you pull your natural hair into a high bun.

french braid into a fancy twisted updo_450x365
You might cause sensory overload for your wedding guests if they see your natural hair in a french braid and twisted updo.

french twist with rhinestone comb_450x489
The most beautiful french bun on natural hair meets the most beautiful rhinestone hair ornament and voila! Perfection!

gorgeous curls from curling rods450x469
Get these gorgeous fat curls with curling rods. And the splash of color on this natural hair just adds that bit of extra.

hair down_450x450
Edgy and classy at the same time with this natural hairstyle for longer natural hair.

knotted updo with webbing_450x448
The photos of your knotted updo in your elegant birdcage are going to be adored for decades.

locs in an updo_450x460
What goes together better than neat locs and a tiara? MMMmmmmm NOTHING!

locs with feather headband_450x450
Curly locs and a feathered hair ornament are gorgeous details for to complete this natural bride’s wedding day look.

long loosened twists_450x560
Untwist your long natural hair and sweep it to the side for this perfect wedding day hairstyle.

loosely twisted crown with a tiny tiara_450x450
Relax and loosen up your crown of natural hair to achieve this hairstyle on your wedding day.

Sweep your coils up into a birdcage and wow every wedding guest you see.

side braided bang with loose fro_450x419
Wear a side twisted bang with a loose afro to the wedding of a lifetime. . especially if its yours.

side combed afro_450x451
Rock your fearless from with a touch of fancy brought to you by this elegant flower hair ornament.

simple headband on a banging fro_450x450
The most beautiful brides with the most beautiful natural hairstyles are wearing the most beautiful afros. . kinda like this beautiful Naturalista.

small cornrows and large twists_450x437
Love fancy cornrows? Love dreadlocks? How about you combine them for this stunning look on natural hair.

sparkly headband in large bun450x506
Sparkly headbands and big buns are the new natural hair classic. SO beautiful!

tiny twists with large twisted updo450x501
Create a fierce wedding hairstyle when you combine tiny twists with a large twisted updo.

twa with a side part450x456
If short and simple is your thing, consider this side-parted TWA for your wedding day style.

TWA with webbing and flowers450x560
Fancy up your short afro with a birdcage adorned in colorful flowers to get this look for your wedding day hairstyle.

twist out on long thick beautiful hair450x448
Twist our your long, thick, gorgeous natural hair for this wedding day hairstyle that will Wow your guests and your wedding party, too.

twist out450x411
A beautiful wedding hairstyle for long natural hair only requires a twist out. Simple and fantastic.

twisted bang and curly bun418x438
This natural hairstyle with the twisted bang and curly bun is going to be seen time and time again as a wedding hairstyle because it is SO versatile and gorgeous.

twisted bang into a bun450x450
One loose french braid and one bun is all this natural braid needs to capture beautiful simplicity on her natural hair.

twisted crown with lower bun450x475
Consider a simple twisted halo and low bun on your wedding day.

twisted french twist
Your stomach won’t be in knots once you see how beautiful your natural hair looks in this twisted french twist

twisted front and french twist back450x462
This twisted front and french twist back is a divine wedding hairstyle for longer natural hair.

twisted halo with popping baby hair450x456
Get the angelic bride look with this twisted halo with soft baby hair accent.

twisted into an updo450x453
Twist your natural hair into an updo to achieve this natural hairstyle on your wedding day hair.

twisted mohawk with webbing450x440
This birdcage cannot hide the brilliance of this twisted mohawk hairstyle on this Naturalista.

twisted updo into a beautiful bang450x464
Walk down the aisle with confidence when you rock this twisted updo and beautiful bangs.

Twists into a coily bun450x658
Twist your natural hair into this ornate bun for an extremely formal look on your wedding day.

twists with a combed back450x450
Your wedding hairstyle can be just as romantic as your wedding day when you pull your twisted natural hair up with a comb to achieve this look.

updo of fancy twists450x450
Get ALL the attention with this natural updo of fancy twists.

very close cut twa450x464
Don the boldest short natural hairstyle in the game with this very close cut on your natural hair.


Oh yeah.

Here’s my favorite pic of my favorite wedding hairstyle that was taken June 20, 2015; the day I married the man that I love.