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The short natural hairstyles that will keep you cool, comfortable and sexy

Picture of my own short hair. And NO. I don't care.
Picture of my own short hair. And NO. I don’t care.

I guess I MIGHT be just a little bit partial to short hair. Well, at least today. In a couple of weeks I might be back on my huge fro stage. It pretty much depends on the weather.

No seriously. It depends on the weather. I live in the South, and it gets up to 110 in Mississippi during the heat of the summer, so as we ease into the Spring and then into Summer, I start putting my blinders on to most of the beautiful longer hairstyles, and begin fixating on what’s going to keep me cool, comfortable and extra sexy. So, that usually evolves around a short hairstyle. See, I’m already a Short Hair Don’t Care Card-Carrying Loyal Club Member. Check out my pic. Yeah. I know. Awesome, right?

But seriously, I’ve been seeing some SUPER sexy women that are totally rocking short natural hairstyles, so I’m featuring just a few of the sexiest members of the Short Hair Don’t Care Club today. Check them out. If you’re looking for courage to go super short, get it and take the plunge. If you’re looking for a “different” way to wear a short natural hairstyle, look and enjoy. And if you’re just browsing, stroll on, sister, and enjoy.

All that appears to change with my TWA is the color

Over the last five months I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing in my hair. Twisting, twirling, brushing, combing, swirling. . ya know, all that stuff you’re not supposed to do once you step out of your hair dresser’s chair. And just as a point of transparency, I haven’t needed a hair dresser since I’ve gone natural. . but keep reading, you’ll get why. When I’m done adding a part to my hair, I cover it back up. When I’m done picking out all the curls, I usually spray a mist of moisture from my tiny water bottle I keep near the bathroom sink and get my hair to curl back up. And when I wrap it up like the beautiful models I’ve been seeing with the colorful head scarves, I usually hand pic my fro back. I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve really enjoyed wearing my hair in a fro. . and that’s about it. Five months. Same style. SO unlike me. The one thing I’ve changed multiple times since I went natural is my hair color. This is my “Blonde Bombshell” look.

And this is me as a “Risque Redhead.”

The red is much more vibrant! I LOVE it! . . for now. And I still wash my hair every other day. . or every day. . because I work out every day, and I’m a serious sweater. Because I wash my hair so much, I use a leave-in conditioner. . and shea butter. . and olive oil.