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Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for March 2016

As March brings us warmer weather, we are all on the look out for lighter colors, brighter fabrics and bolder natural hairstyles that show off our beautiful locks, too.  And I’ve got you covered. These hairstyles are going to help you tap into that sensual and seductive look you’re going for because we all know how sexy natural hair is. #naturalhairissexy Let’s do this!

These first two ladies are super sexy AND are rocking bold natural hairstyles. Partially shaved heads will definitely keep them cooler than most as warmer air begins to blow. What do you think? Comment below.

chunky natural hair with shaved sides
This naturalista is rocking a partially shaved natural hairstyle that I LOVE. And Amazon has her Wide Bold Chunky Multiple Layers Beaded Square Stone Pendant Bib Necklace for super cheap, too. Check it out.

natural hair with shaved sides looks SO bold
Get this bold natural hairstyle with a partially shaved head. Why not?

When you are switching it up for Spring, here are a couple of ideas for lighter haircolors for spring that may inspire you to change the haircolor for your natural hair.

Natural hair with frosted curls
These frosted, defined curls are super sexy. It sets off her entire tapered natural hairstyle. And if you love her Tag Envy Cat Eye Half Frame Semi-Rimless Round Reflective Sunglasses Blueget them on Amazon

Natural hair with a pop of color and shaved sides.
This beautiful natural sister has lots of dimension in her haircolor. Like Wow!

Don’t be afraid of getting twisted. Ooooh, these ladies are getting two different benefits of twisted natural hair: a protective style and major coilage. [Yeah. I just made that word up!]

twisted updo on natural hair
Rock a beautiful twisted updo when you need to look all fancy.

Super defined twist out on natural hair
This beautiful coily twistout on medium length natural hair is giving me life right now.

Getting ready to rock some locs styles? Here are a couple of sexy natural hairstyles for naturalistas with dreadlocks that may work for you.

Updo for a dreadlock hairstyle on natural hair.
This beautiful sister has drawn her dreadlocks into a very sexy natural hairstyle updo.

Pull your dread locks into a beautiful curled pony tail
When you have gorgeous locked natural hair like this sister, a pony tail may be all you need.

For some, warmer weather means more time to play and less time to fuss with your hair. And your natural hair gives you plenty of options for this issue, too. how about some natural hair extensions so you can get just enough to pull your hair up and out of your way?

havana twists on natural hair
You’re gonna see lots of Havana twist hairstyles like this one this spring. Want to get Large Matte Classic Retro Square Frame RUN DMC Clear Lens Glasses with Metal Accent (Matte Black/Silver) to add to your accessories vault?

Protect your natural hair with this twisted hairstyle.
These twists are a great protective hairstyle to give you a little break from the duties of natural hair maintenance.

Natural Hair is the New Sexy

It’s time we as black women redefine how we [think we] look when we wear our natural hair. Natural hair makes us look SO sexy, sensual, bold, ravishing, seductive, enchanting. . . I WILL go on. I’m just getting started, sister. #naturalhairissexy

see sexy black women with natural hair
Natural Hair IS the new sexy. Naturalistas just have to own it.

My call to action does NOT require that we beautiful naturalistas show all the king’s jewels for the public to see. Please DO NOT UNDRESS THE GOODS IN PUBLIC ON MY BEHALF. I won’t. I am committed to the idea that the majority of my body is too special for anyone but my husband to see.

See, SEXUALITY does not require you to remove all your clothing. We sisters have to wrap our heads around that (and teach it, too). I am encouraging all my beautiful natural women,the sisterhood that share this natural hair journey with me, to recognize that you rocking your natural hair is ATTRACTIVE to our black men. You are DESIRABLE. You are SEXY. And you do not have to be embarrassed by it.

But you have to own your sex appeal.

The sad truth is that we have these incredibly sexy features: full lips, defined cheek bones, big booties, thick thighs, large breasts; but we are made to feel ashamed of it. But then we see women of other races emulate these same details – usually by “corrective” procedures, augmentation, or full implants – and WE glorify them by sharing pics and bragging on how amazing they look.


If you’re going to brag. Brag on the sisterhood. Brag on your sexy self.

Check out these downright gorgeous naturalistas, some sexy black women with natural hair, that are owning their sexuality. I am, too. Will you?

Afros are so sexy on black women.
Afros are so sexy on black women.

Petite sexy is definitely still sexy on black womenAfros are sexy on black women who can work it


Showcase your natural hair, sexy woman
Showcase your natural hair, sexy woman.

Showcase your natural hair, sexy woman  Sexy can be simple on a black woman

Natural and sexy black women
You are natural AND sexy AND you know it.

full figured sexy black woman when you're naturally sexy and you know it

simply sexy black woman
Whatever your sexy pose is, don’t be afraid to strike it.

sexy natural women don't have to try to be sexy orange is the new sexy

sexy black woman wearing red
Yes. Everyone is watching you. AND your natural hair, too!

naturally stunning