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Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for June 2016: Get Ready for Summer

I’m rocking a very close cut TWA this summer so I can spend more time on life and less on my hair.

As part of my Love My Natural Hair – Love My Natural Life Movement, I have selected the Top 10 Natural Hairstyles for June 2016 that make it possible for Naturalistas to spend more time enjoying life this summer and less on their hair.

Yeah, if you rock these natural hairstyles this summer, you’ll still have to spend a little time loving on your beautiful coils and coils each day – you still have to keep your hair cleaned, moisturized and oiled – but you won’t have to do as much manipulation to style your natural hair. And just so you know WHY I’ve taken this direction, here’s a pic of my current closely cropped TWA. Because of this hairstyle, I’m able to get my hair out the way in SEVEN minutes in the morning. You can’t beat it. You can get outside – looking amazing – and enjoy all this beautiful sunshine.

All of these natural styles are not short cuts and TWA’s – the top 5 are – but all of them are about easy maintenance.

Enjoy! And as usual, if you find one that you’re planning to rock, post a link to your hairstyle, so you can inspire others. . and so I can tell you how amazing you look. [And extra bonus.]

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The 25 Most Beautiful Head Wrap and Head Scarf Styles

At some point I was a little jaded about head wraps and head scarves and whether they were appropriate for me. Hey! Read up on it if you missed it. It actually wasn’t very long ago.

Natural Sister, Reclaim Your Head Wrap

But these days, I’ve pulled in over a dozen colorful head scarves into my natural hair took lit. And I no longer save my beautiful head wraps and head scarves for bad hair days. I’m actually in a season of Good Hair Days because I have fallen so deep in love with the texture and dimensions of my curls. Even on days when I have not invested the time and patience in my hair that I know it needs, I’m excited about what I’m able to do with this head of coils and naps and tangles. But rocking a head wrap or head scarf is not about concealing my hair anymore. It’s not even about protecting my hair. These days, my head wraps and head scarves add an extra bit of flair to my every day attire.

See, I’m rocking a TWA. If you are wearing one too, or have in the past, you know that there are only so many styles you can get your Teeny Weeny Afro into. So, sometimes, to amp up my look, I reach for one of my beautiful scarves. And I’m not alone. I’ve been checking out many other Naturalistas that rock a stylish headwrap to get an extra bit of girlish charm or even to add some elegance to their overall attire.

Check out The 25 Most Beautiful Head Wrap and Head Scarf Styles. 

The MVP award for the fiercest, loveliest, most downright ADORABLE Head Scarf/Head Wrap wearing Diva in the game goes to this beautiful baby sister.

And of all the beautiful sisters that I’ve found rocking these lovely head scarves and head wraps, there was one who won the MVP award for the fiercest, loveliest, most downright ADORABLE Head Scarf/Head Wrap wearing Diva in the game. I feel certain that you will agree with my selection on this one.

And if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions to style your own head wrap or head scarf. Here are the instruction I used to pull off the halo head wrap. They’re quick and easy.