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All that appears to change with my TWA is the color

Over the last five months I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing in my hair. Twisting, twirling, brushing, combing, swirling. . ya know, all that stuff you’re not supposed to do once you step out of your hair dresser’s chair. And just as a point of transparency, I haven’t needed a hair dresser since I’ve gone natural. . but keep reading, you’ll get why. When I’m done adding a part to my hair, I cover it back up. When I’m done picking out all the curls, I usually spray a mist of moisture from my tiny water bottle I keep near the bathroom sink and get my hair to curl back up. And when I wrap it up like the beautiful models I’ve been seeing with the colorful head scarves, I usually hand pic my fro back. I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve really enjoyed wearing my hair in a fro. . and that’s about it. Five months. Same style. SO unlike me. The one thing I’ve changed multiple times since I went natural is my hair color. This is my “Blonde Bombshell” look.

And this is me as a “Risque Redhead.”

The red is much more vibrant! I LOVE it! . . for now. And I still wash my hair every other day. . or every day. . because I work out every day, and I’m a serious sweater. Because I wash my hair so much, I use a leave-in conditioner. . and shea butter. . and olive oil.