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No Fuss, Adorable Holiday Hairstyles for Kids with Natural Hair

You will have your hands filled with the tree, presents, food, elf on the shelf, scary Santa visits, extra guests or travel prep and everything else that’s required to create the Christmas and Kwanzaa holiday magic. The last thing you want to do is to come up with some super ornate hairstyle that’s going to last you for one day.

If you use a Stay On Satin Pocket Bonnet these natural hairstyles for kids should at least get you through Christmas Eve, Christmas, or Kwanzaa Eve and¬†Kwanzaa, and even into the weekend. And that’s the goal, right? To have one less thing to deal with while you’re making Being a Mommy look easy?

Looking for ideas for holiday hairstyles for kids with natural hair?

Well, here are twenty options for long or short hair natural hair that are in the no-fuss category.

To protect baby girl’s natural hairstyle overnight, check out all of these head wrap and head scarf style options (and instructions) . They’ll help keep these adorable hairstyles in place while she sleeps.

Back to School Hairstyles for Little Naturals

Here’s how my Back to School shopping venture goes.

  • Collect all the best deals on clothes, shoes, and school supplies.
  • Hit the stores on one weekend well before the other parents get there.
  • Return half the stuff I’ve bought because the kids either don’t fit them by the time school starts or I just decide that it’s not going to work.
  • Forget to scheduled basic things like haircuts (for my boys), a hair appointment (for my daughter) and a life-saving mani-pedi or a massage for me to have enough motivation to manage it all.

I know you’ve got a million things to check off your Back to School list. Don’t let selecting a cute natural hairstyle for your daughter fall by the wayside when I’ve found an entire gallery for you to choose from.

If you’re looking for MORE ideas, here are some other natural hairstyle ideas for kids.