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Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for July 2016: Perm Free Perfection

celebratenappyhairandpower_350x387It would’ve been “cute” to do a Top 10 Hairstyles for 4th of July List, but with everything that’s going on in Black America, I’m having a hard time getting excited anymore about fireworks, barbecue, and volleyball games. My brothers are dying in the streets without any explanation or justice and I am hurting. Black people all over the country are hurting.


So, my list is not a Top 10 of Cute July 4th Natural Hairstyles. Sorry. But not sorry.

If it helps, just remember, Black  people were still slaves AFTER the Declaration of Independence was signed, so don’t think I’m bitter. Just aware. 

My Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for July 2016 celebrates  black women who are owning the beauty of their perm-free natural hairstyles even during this long hot summer.

I love the new natural hairstyles I spotted so much I’m including ten bonus hairstyles that I just couldn’t ignore. They’re just too gorgeous to sleep on this month.

Enjoy the Top 10 List for July 2016, and brothers and sisters, and please stay aware.

Oh yeah. I didn’t forget the Bonus Natural Hairstyles that were too good to omit. I just couldn’t. I love them all!


When The Baddest Bitch is a BEAUTIFUL QUEEN with natural hair

I don’t know which beautiful black woman was the first one to refer to herself as the Baddest Bitch.

Was it Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj?

To be honest, you can reply in the comments below, but it really doesn’t matter to me. . at all. I just wish the madness would stop.

Black women have to think of ourselves as more than female dogs. We are of royal lineage and may as well be the first to fully embrace that fact, so the rest of the world can feel obliged to follow right along. I embrace it. Do you?

Well, anyway. I digress.

When you see a beautiful black queen, make sure you acknowledge her.

I spotted the most beautiful black queen with gorgeous natural hair on Saturday in South Beach Miami at Bayside Marketplace when my family and I were leaving Bubba Gump Shrimp Company to head back to our car. This sister was absolutely stunning with amazing hair color and a curl pattern that literally stopped me in my track. I told her, “Sister, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with yourself, but you are gorgeous.” And then I asked to take her picture, so I could post it on my blog. She obliged and then gave me the biggest, warmest hug I’ve ever received. We spoke for a few moments after the exchange and she was so emotional when she explained to me that she had cut her hair and wasn’t sure if the look worked for her or not.

I showered her with compliments. All true. All depicting how I felt in the moment. And all things that needed to be said to a beautiful sister who is shining bright in a cruel, cruel world and who is not quite sure if anyone could see her light.

Well, I seench you my sista! LOL. And

YOU are a beautiful queen.

And if you love this queen’s short natural hair and you’re looking for other short natural hairstyles, check out ”


You won’t be disappointed.