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Grow Your Natural Hair Longer and Faster

Grow your natural hair longer and faster |

In order to grow your natural hair, you will have to take care of its basic needs:

  • Your natural hair needs to be healthy.
  • You natural hair needs to be clean.
  • Your natural hair needs to be moisturized.

How to grow healthy natural hair.  Start by eating a healthy diet with plenty of WATER, fruits, vegetable, and lean meats. If you can maintain a healthy diet, your hair will have all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong.

Don’t be afraid to trim your natural hair. Just like with permed hair, you have to stay on top of split ends as soon as you see them. Ignoring split ends will lead to unhealthy hair that’s prone to breakage. Cut the split ends off to PREVENT the damage from working its way up your hair shaft, and the new hair that will grow in will be healthier. And the new hair WILL grow in.

Also, massage your scalp to increase blood circulation and promote hair growth. No, we don’t want everyone touching our hair. But every once in a while you gonna have to get your hands dirty. [Well, really your scalp should be clean.] But the point I’m making is that you should frequently use your hands to give yourself a deep scalp massage. You can even do it while you’re co-washing, but try to do it for 20-30 minutes to get your blood circulating throughout your scalp.

How to keep your natural hair clean. When your hair is dirty, co-wash it. When your hair is weighed down by oil, and dirt, and whatever products you use, wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo.

How to moisturize your natural hair.  When you wash your hair, apply the L.O.C. method to condition and seal-in moisture. (L.O.C. = Leave-In. Oil. Cream.) You can massage your scalp during each step of the L.O.C, method. Just don’t forget when you wash, you’ve got to seal in the moisture  with oil and reinforce your hair follicles to prevent breakage. I use the following products for my L.O.C, method:

And even on days when you don’t wash your hair, make sure it’s MOISTURIZED. Spritz your hair with water each morning to add moisture. Water = Moisture. And your natural hair needs WATER. Do NOT skip this step. Even if you skip the leave-in conditioner, add the cream of your choice and an oil to lock in moisture. Although I use olive oil on the regular, jojoba and  castor oil are also lightweight and work really well, too.

And I know not all naturals are going to like this last one, but it is what it is.

Avoid heat!

I know when you were living the permed life, you got use to that silky, straight style. Here’s the thing: You not bout that life no mo. 

Applying heat to your hair dries out your natural hair. And again, your hair NEEDS moisture. It doesn’t need heat.

Now, that covers YOUR HAIR’S basic needs to grow healthy and strong, now here’s yours:

Be Patient.

Your hair is growing even if you don’t realize it. If you care for it properly, it will grow more than it breaks off so you can visually see all the hard work it’s doing to make you look your best. But everyone’s hair grows at different length and has the potential to grow to different lengths. That’s written into your genetics.

So, enjoy the ride and love what you’ve got. Because your natural hair is SO beautiful and so are you.

Here are the products I use to for the L.O.C method and my daily maintenance. Click on the picture to buy any of these products directly from Amazon.


How to Define Your TWA Curls

I love my TWA (teenie weenie afro)I recently got my third Big Chop. I just love to keep my natural hair really short because this length requires the least amount of maintenance of any of the natural hair lengths I’ve tried. I can spend 7 minutes in the morning on my hair and still love the way it looks and get compliments on how cute it is. It’s perfect for me.

And there are so many naturals that have not tried cutting their hair really short because they are not sure what the style options are. Well, this article only focuses on one: defining your TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro) curls, but if you are looking for other TWA hairstyles, read “New to Naturals with BEAUTIFUL Big Chops” for a bunch of other short natural hair style options.

number1_75x121 Wash and Go. Just let your natural curl pattern show. 
Most naturals have hair that is just coily by default. Of course, it may be like mine and so tightly coiled that unless you stretch it out, it looks nappy. In this case, if you’re not choosy about how the curls look, you can just use the wash and go method to get curly natural hair. But you’re going to have to do a little prep work first: 1a) Cut damaged ends. 1b)  Avoid using heat.

Here are some simple wash and go instructions:  
– Co-wash your hair by cleaning it with your favorite conditioner. De-tangle with your fingers as you work the conditioner through your strands.
– Rinse out the conditioner.
– Pat your hair dry with a towel, so it’s still moist, but not dripping.
– Add a leave-in conditioner and work through your tangles again with your fingers. I use Cantu Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. It smells AMAZING, makes my hair feel soft, and doesn’t leave flakes.
– Use a wide tooth comb to separate your hair into four quadrants to make sure you work through it all.
– To enhance my curls, I use Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1. It keeps my hair soft and curly all day.
– Rub in oil to seal in the moisture once your done. I prefer Pompeian Olive Oil because it’s light and doesn’t add extra weight to my hair to prevent my curls from forming, but use what works best for you.
– Let your hair air dry.

Know that once your hair is dry, unless you naturally have loose curls, it may draw up into a curly afro, but this option is for those who just want to wear your crown of natural hair without any additional manipulation.

Here are some examples of TWA Hairstyles that Use the Wash and Go Method to Define Curls

Wash and Go Hairstyle to Define Curls on a Tapered TWA
Wash and Go on a Tapered TWA Haircut

Wash and Go to Define the Curl Patters on a Faded TWA Haircut with a Subtle Side Part

Wash and Go on a Faded TWA Haircut with a Subtle Side Part

Even Length TWA Haircut with Defines Curls on a Wash and Go Hairstyle
Even Length TWA Haircut that Defines Curls with a Wash and Go

number2_75x121Finger Coils 
If you want more curl definition that the wash and go method described above will provide, finger coils may be a better option. And if you are one of those people who haven’t figured out the finger coil method, I highly recommend the sponge coil method using a Curl Sponge Hair Brush for Twists and Coils. It’s super easy and quickly creates neat, consistent coils throughout your entire head.

It’s best done on moist and conditioned here. Before you get started, you’re going to have to clean and detangle your hair (if it’s long enough to need de-tangling0.  Here’s the link to a natural hair coiling tutorial that I’ve used with great results.

Here are some examples of TWA Hairstyles Use the Wash and Go Method to Define Curls.

Finger coils super short hair and don't unravel. Just wear your natural hair coiled.
You can make finger coils work on super short hair, too.

Get beautifully defined curls on your TWA with finger coils.
You can get beautifully defined curls on your TWA with finger coils.

Finger coil your tapered TWA to get gorgeously defined curls
Finger coil your tapered TWA cut to define gorgeous curls

number3_75x121Make ’em sea sick. Edge it, brush it, and get some beautiful waves

I remember when I grew up, my brothers spent all of their time in the mirror admiring those stupid waves. None of us had good hair, but they spent so much time brushing their hair into submission they always had brush waves. . Still to this day, they sport brush waves. This just goes to say that waves provide great definition to short natural hair. So, keep it clean and brush and get you a Boar Bristle Crown Brush to brush in those waves and  sport some sexy waves in your natural hair like these beautiful ladies.

You can even sport brush waves on a long(er) TWA. This wave hairstyle looks amazing!
This is a long(er) hairstyle, but looks oh so lovely with her deep brush waves.

Brush waves are beautiful on this TWA length.
Short waved natural hair never looked so good. This sister’s TWA looks amazing with brush waves.

Cute waves on this short TWA with a side part
These brush waves and this side part looks amazing on this sister’s TWA. Just A-MA-ZING.

number4_75x121Forget About Curls and Wear Your Beautiful Bald Head

Not everyone wants to twist and brush, or if you’re like me and you don’t feel like growing your hair long enough for it to even form a curl, coil or wave. Well, if that’s you, I’ve got the perfect solution for YOU. Just shave it off and wear your beautiful bald head.

I’ve done it a couple of times and I love it. Check out these beautiful ladies that are making bald look extra sexy.

Amber Rose sports one of the most beautiful bald heads in the game.
I know you haven’t forgotten about Amber Rose’s beautiful bald head.

Beautiful close crop haircut on natural hair.
Bald heads are SO sensual if you rock them that way. And this sister is rocking her beautiful close crop haircut on her natural hair.

Try a pop of color on closely cropped natural hair.
When I shave my hair off, I add a pop of color. And change the color every time I shave it. : >)

I know I mentioned a few products that I’ve used. . and still use to manage my super short TWA natural hairstyle. Here’s the complete list. Click on the picture to buy any of these products directly from Amazon.

Check them out and see if they work for you.