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What’s the next hair color for my natural hair?

HERE’S ME TODAY: I colored my hair the day I went natural: August 13, 2014. So, I’ve had two months to learn about caring for my natural hair and caring for hair that’s been colored. Yes. A double wammy. But I think I’ve done pretty darn good using the hair products I’ve been using for my natural hair. I’m still using the souffle’.

When I started this process of going natural, I died my hair Honey Blonde using Soft Sheen Carson’s hair dye. I really love how soft and radiant my hair is now. It took awhile because the first couple of weeks, I wasn’t moisturizing it enough, so my hair was really dry. But now, even after two months, I love the color definition. The whole process of coloring my hair took about 30 minutes total. If you’re planning to do it yourself DON’T RUSH IT! If you wash out the color too early, your hair won’t be full color. If you don’t like the color when you first wash it out, be patient with your hair. Don’t re-color it for a couple of weeks.

  • One because that gives the color enough time to kinda grow on you, and
  • Two because it gives your hair a little break so it doesn’t dry out form over-coloring.

If you over-color it, it WILL dry out and feel like straw. You don’t even want those problems, so take the coloring process slow and then, SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE! for awhile after you are done coloring your hair the first time.

I’ve let this color chill in my hair for a couple of months, so my mind is already skipping ahead to What’s Next? Not for today. . Or even this week or this month. I just don’t feel like dealing with it. But I think I’m going to make a switch before Thanksgiving. If I do, here’s the color that’s on my mind. . right now. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Natural Hair Products I use on my TWA (teenie weenie afro)

I’ve been wearing my natural hair for five weeks and one day. My TWA is growing longer and curlier. Because I love the way it feels and looks, I’ve determined that I’m making good decisions about the natural hair products I’m using so far. For those people who are either considering the transition from perm to natural, or that are having a hard time choosing hair products that work really well with your natural hair I am going to save you some trial-and-error time (and maybe a little cost and frustration) by sharing the products I’ve tried and the results I’ve seen. Again, from doing a little research, I’ve determined that I have 3C hair, but I don’t have a lot of respect for hair types, so expect me to be trying a little bit of everything as I go forward. Keeping my hair moisturized: Just regular old, every day Olive Oil

I use Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil on my natural hair.
I found this Bertolli Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil, 51-Ounce Bottle on Amazon and it was WAY cheaper than I could find it in stores.

This is not a trick I just picked up after going natural. I’ve been using olive oil every day for about twenty years to keep my hair moisturized. It works really well because it’s really light, adds just a bit of shine, and it’s about as natural as you can get. I like knowing exactly what I’m adding to my hair. But Olive Oil doesn’t do anything to bring forth the curls. And I LOVE the curls. And for about $7 a bottle at WalMart you get much more than you pay for on this one. Curls, Curls, Curls: Shea Moisture: Curling Gel Souffle

My natural hair loves Shea Moisture's Curling Gel Souffle'
Order your own Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Soufflé! (gel) today. This stuff is amazing!

This is actually the second I product I tried. I apply the gel each morning, and after I wash my hair. It gives me really tight curls and it doesn’t ever get hard or flaky. It’s not a styling gel because it never hardens, but it does help hold your side burns so you can get the wavy, tamed look. I bought this 12 oz container for $8 at WalMart and it should last me at least six weeks. It just doesn’t take a whole lot for this TWA I’m wearing right now. What DID NOT Work for me: As I Am Daily Butter Cream

Whoever designed the As I Am packaging knew that someone like me would be attracted to the rich color and gold accents. Yeah, the container is beautiful, but what’s in it doesn’t work. I’d have to apply the cream 3 times a day to keep my hair soft. And when the cream dries, it flakes. I looked like I had dandruff. Not to mention, this little 8 oz jar cost $16 at WalMart. What natural hair tips do you have for active folks? Right now, I wash my hair every other day to keep it clean. It’s working. But the natural hair bloggers say you should not wash your hair so often. They say once a week is best. Here’s the background: I’ve ALWAYS washed my hair either every day or every other day because I like the way clean hair looks and smells, and I’ve ALWAYS had people of color telling me that it’s not good for us to keep our hair clean in this way. So, I’ve never been loyal to the Black Handbook. I’m just keeping it real. But if it’s hurting my natural hair to wash it this often, I want to know because when you know better you do better. So, if you have ideas, tips, corrections I need to apply in this area. Send it on.