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Where does my natural hair fit on the hair chart?

Once I began searching for hair products for natural black hair, I got a crazy amount of results that reference a specific hair type. 3b, 3a, 4b. 3abc. . Where do they come up with this stuff, like really? Just for kicks, I’m including the two most helpful charts on black hair types that I’ve found. And the term “helpful” Is more of a compliment than my actual opinion on the usefulness of any of these charts.

Natural Hair Types Chart
Natural Hair Curl Codes Picture

at the end of the day, I don't care where my natural hair is on the natural hair chartAnyway, if the hour I spent grazing over a bunch of different charts was any where near well spent, then I’m a 3c. But who cares? I have a coarser grade of natural hair. That’s actually the only detail that matters as I select products and styles for my new to natural hair. I am entering this transition to wearing my natural hair the way you would a journey – not a phase. I want to experiment with hair products, and styles, and techniques and decide on what works best for me. . not what works for all colored girls who have hair that’s like mine. I’m not sure there are enough colored girls with hair that’s exactly like mine who are in the same place in their journey as I am, so this is just an area of my life I’m going to enjoy learning as I go. Oh yeah, here’s my hair today!