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Enjoy the Sun, but Protect Your Natural Hair!

greend ressI’m ready for the warmer days of Spring. Oooooh, I’m going back to playing tennis at least three days of week. Every time we get a chance, we’re firing up the grill and eating outside. And I’m going to be able to enjoy SO much baseball. Not to mention how ecstatic my dogs will be because they can get bathed every week because they know I go on strike as soon as the cold weather hits.

But one thing I HAVE to change this year. I will not allow the sun to damage my natural hair.

Here are the signs that I’ve noticed when my natural hair is damaged:

  • My hair color lightens.
  • The ends of my hair feel really rough and really dry.
  • My hair starts to break out at the roots when I comb through it; and sometimes it sheds when I run my hands through it.
  • I can spritz and spritz and spritz but my hair never seems to want to hold on to the moisture.

Now that you know how to figure out if your natural hair is sun damaged, here’s one trick to avoid it. WEAR A HAT. 

A hat provides the most complete protection against the sun’s damaging rays, according to dermatologist Darrell Rigel in “Fitness” magazine. Rigel suggests wearing a wide-brimmed hat when you expect to stay in the sun for more than a few hours. As an added bonus, the hat can protect your face from sun damage and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

But here’s  the “happy ending” to this story: You can wear a sun hat and look damn good! Oh, yes ma’am. And to help you get inspired on how you’re going to rock your natural hair in a sun hat, here are some gorgeous women with natural hair that have been able to pull it off. Check ’em out and get inspired.

My all-time favorite pic of a naturalista in a straw hat is one of mine from the archive.

Psssst. Let me let you in on a little secret. . Here are the sun hats I’ve added to my personal collection to protect my natural hair when I’m out in the beaming sun.

And I understand that not everyone woman with natural hair is into hat. If you’d like to wrap a headwrap on your natural hair, here are some ideas for how you can rock a headwrap on your natural hair and still keep it protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

Natural Hair Accessories that add Flair to Any Hairstyle


When I first did the Big Chop, there were many days when I had a hard time “dressing up” my hair.

Natural Hair is never boringYes. I love wearing my natural hair. But I have a TWA (a teenie weenie afro). And I wear it seven days a week. EVERY day I look in the mirror, I still have a TWA. And some days I would like to look in the mirror and see a little more sassy, or sexy, or just different. I love my little afro, but I have to be able to get some diversity in my hairstyles, so I’ve invested in just a few natural hair accessories to help me jazz up my look.

If you’re a new natural or a seasoned Naturalista looking for a way to jazz up your look, here are some ideas for natural hair accessories I wear on the regular that work for me.

HEADBANDS. I’m crazy about them.

This is the 1st headband I bought. BUY THIS Lux Accessories Crystal Rhinestone Stretch Headband from Amazon. I put it on, and it added all this extra sparkle to my hair, and well. . I was in love.

square rhinestone headband from Amazon for your natural hair
Buy this Lux Accessories Crystal Rhinestone Stretch HeadbandI’m wearing in the pic on Amazon.

Patterned Crystal Headband for natural hair
I purchased this Lux Accessories Pave Crystal Pattern Stretch Bridal Bridesmaid Hair Headband. from Amazon, too. Sometimes it’s too much sparkle for work. You can get it here

Leather braided headbands for natural hair
I just recently purchased FULL TILT 5 Piece Faux Leather Braided Headbands, Natural from Amazon. You’ll be seeing these in pics SOON.


I recently purchased this gold leaf headband that has gotten me SO many compliments. I know I say this every time, but this is now my new favorite.

Gold Leaf Headband from Amazon for Natural Hair
BlueTop(TM) Gold Leaf Festival Grecian Garland Hippy Woman Forehead Hair Band Necklace – my newest favorite in #naturalhairaccessories

HATS. I live in the South where it tends to be warm, so I love straw hats.

Straw hats are a great natural hair accessory
This straw gat has pretty much dominated my summer.

My uncle's straw hat is one of my favorite natural hair accessories
See my Uncle’s hat in this pic. That’s my new favorite hat. That man knows his accessories! And he’s generous, too.

HEADWRAPS. Purchase a long one, so you can experiment with different headwrap styles to find the one that gives you the look you desire.

I wear this colorful silk scarf as a headwrap on my natural hair
I foundiF Silk, Stargate Butterflies, 35″ x 35″ Large Square Charmeuse Silk Scarf that I experimented with last summer. Loved it!

Here's the actual size of the silk scarf I use to wrap my natural hair
Here’s the actual size of the iF Silk, Stargate Butterflies, 35″ x 35″ Large Square Charmeuse Silk Scarffrom Amazon. They’re huge and silk.

HAIR CLAMP. Yeah. I know. Too soon. But I had to have it so I could grow into it. LOL

I found this hair clamp for my natural hair on Amazon
I found PuffCuff Hair Clamp (5″) for Thick, Coily, Textured Hairon Amazon. Now, I’m just working on growing out my hair so I can wear it. Coming soon!

But my all-time favorite go-to natural hair accessory is one that you own. So, this is just some encouragement for you to wear it. It’s beautiful.

You're never fully dressed without a smile
Wear your TWA, afro puff, braids, locs, WHATEVER with a smile. It’s your most important natural hair accessory?