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My Natural Hair Bucket List

bucketlistSince I went natural in August of 2014, I have come up with SO many products, accessories, colors and styles that I want to try out on my hair. And I’ve actually done ALOT. I’ve colored it seven times, done two big chops, and tried out about 8 unique styles and have accrued about 2 bags of accessories, and I’m no where near stopping. But there are some major natural hair bucket list items that I’m totally fixated on.

Not everybody is going to agree with my choices, but the way my life set up. . I don’t really care!

Figure out a go-to head wrap style, and rock the crap out of it. If I can just get ONE wrap down, I’m doing it.

head wraphead wrap2 head wrap3I’ve found so many different ways sisters can rock head scarves and head wraps, I’ve GOT to┬átry it out.


Try crochet braids. I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the styles my naturalista sisters have come up with. I’ve got to try at least one.

crochet braids3 crochet hair1

Here are some protective hairstyle pics to give you other protective style ideas, too.


Wear super long braids. . preferably to Jamaica. This one will be tricky because I have debilitating migraines that are FINALLY under control. But a girl can hope. Right?

braids1 braids2



Color my hair hot pink. [You’re not gonna talk me out of this one, so please spare me the negative comments.]

HO prettyinpink1

prettyinpink2Here are the colors I’ve already tried when I dyed my natural hair. You can see that pink is definitely not out of the questions.


Grow my hair into a SUPER fro!

blackgirllongfro erykahbadufro


Get my top bun on! Oh my goodness! I just love them soooooooooooooooooooo much!

beautifulbun messybun



Wear my glorious silver. Just let a few silver strands grow in. You gonna see!

gorgeousgray2 gorgeousgrayhair


Feel free to share your natural hair bucket list items. I know you’ve got some.

Warning Signs that You’re in the WRONG Relationship

whatyouputupwithSometimes we find ourselves in relationships that we know – that we know – that we know we are not supposed to be in. I mean, all the signs are there. But you just have a hard time reading them because they are either really sporadic, increase gradually, or there are just so many that you just can’t believe a problem and solution would be so. . . well. . obvious.

Well, sometimes it’s easy. And I’m gonna give you the signs that I’ve learned from my past experience.Here are the warning signs that you should un-choose your mate IMMEDIATELY.

Here are the warning signs that you should un-choose your mate IMMEDIATELY.

1. You hate the way your partner smells: pre-bath, post-bath, during a bath, or all of the mentioned time slots.
2. When your partner kisses you, you find yourself immediately wiping the kiss off with the back of your hand, brushing your teeth, flossing, soaping your face, then showering.
3. You determine that you hate the way your partner dresses, and resolve to address the issue by avoiding being seen in public with him.
4. It makes you cringe when your partner does any of the following: calls your name, touches you, looks at you, or enters the room.
5. Your partner’s sleeping and awake sounds are equally annoying.
6. You feel like answering a phone call or text from your partner should be reserved for emergencies, national holidays, or his birthday.
7. The stuff that you use to think was sweet is now just creepy: all them damn flowers, phone calls, conversations, gifts, pet names.
8. You identify a few distinct patterns that you and your partner use to interact with one another: polite, public, labored, or angry
9. The thought of being left alone with your partner causes you to avoid going home.

Now, if your signs include a black eye, swollen lip, cut tires, or a general fear of violence from this fool, please forget about looking for any additional signs. You were not born into this world to be some crazy person’s punching bag. Get a damn clue and RUN!!!!

For those of you that have a strong family unit, you gonna get some push back when you try to un-choose and bail. Don’t even take it personal.

Your family wants to see you settle down and live the American dream, and they truly want to believe that your current partner can help you accomplish that. They are gonna tell you “Stick it out.” “Hang in there.” “It’s not THAT bad.” “It will get better.” “Nothing’s perfect.”

Yeah ok.

But life is short. . Real short. . And Sometimes being by yourself is the most obvious choice. . At least until the man that’s MEANT FOR YOU finds you.

And it will happen. Sister, you just have to hold it down and build yourself up until he arrives.