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So, what is the L.O.C. Method?

Natural Hair Care is BIG business. Every day, someone comes up with a new “trick” for caring for natural hair, that usually involves you purchasing some new product that will help you retain moisture. . or that will help your hair grow. And I’ll admit, since I went natural on August 13, 2014, I have tried all kinds of methods on my coarse, high porosity hair to help me maintain moisture. And I’ve only found one that works: The L.O.C. Method.  (L.O.C. = Leave-In. Oil. Cream.)

The L.O.C. Method is the use 1. Leave-in Conditioner, 2. Oil, and 3. Cream.
The L.O.C. Method is the use 1. Leave-in Conditioner, 2. Oil, and 3. Cream.

I know you see  references to The L.O.C. Method in all of your natural hair reading. It’s POPULAR; and it should be because for Naturalistas like me that battle with really dry hair, it works; and it’s just a bonus that you don’t have to use it every day to keep your natural hair moisturized.

When and How to Use the L.O.C. Method

Any time your hair is feeling dry, or when you need to clean it, use the L.O.C. method to condition and seal-in moisture. You can massage your scalp during each step of the L.O.C, method. Just don’t forget when you wash, you’ve got to seal in the moisture with oil and reinforce your hair follicles to prevent breakage.

I use the following products for my L.O.C, method:

I personally use the L.O.C. Method most days of the week, but that’s because I run 5 days a week and don’t like to walk around with stinky hair. And when I wash my hair, I wash out the dirt, oil and cream. I return that balance using the L.O.C. Method. Well, the L.C.O Method, but keep reading to figure out what that’s all about.

My Twist on the L.O.C. Method: L.C.O.

Now, you just read an entire article on how I use the L.O.C. Method, and here I go with a disclaimer about how I don’t really use the L.O.C. Method. LOL. Yeah. Sorry about that.

So, in the last six months, I’ve tweaked the order of the products I use in the L.O.C. Method, so it turns out that I’m using the L.C.O. Method. I don’t know why, but my moisture retention and shine is just better when I put the oil on last. . and I’m a general non-conformer so to keep my hair consistent with my life, I’ve decided to mix things up.

If you’re dealing with dry, natural hair, give it a try. It’s taken me from being frustrated with the look of my natural hair and being excited each day about wearing my wash-and-go. Let me know what you think either way in the Comments below.

Sun Hats I Protect My Natural Hair With

If I find something that works wonders for my natural hair, I’m all about sharing it. So, I’m going to let you in on the collection of sun hats that I’ve purchased to protect my natural hair with when I’m out and about. And as an added bonus, I’m including the links for you to purchase them as well. Hey, that’s what the Natural Hair Sisterhood is about.

Some of my hats aren’t on this list because I’m that person who sees something I fall in love with – that belongs to someone else – and uses a bunch of pretty pleases and ooooooh I’d be so happy – along with offers to pay – to get it. But if I run across sun hats that are similar to those, I’ll just update this list with those links, too.

    Cowboy Hat with a Braided Band. What can I say? I’m from Texas.

My Go-To Sun Hat that I wear on super-sunny days because of the wide brim.

Not a true fedora but it fits my head like one. This is actually a men’s hat. But I love to rock it!

Floppy Hat with a Leather Band. This is my “sophisticated” hat. LOL

THIS is the hate you will see in the majority of my Spring and Summer pics. I LOVE this Fedora!!

I picked up this hat while we were travelling last summer. It didn’t compliment my TWA as well as I like, so I’m saving it until I get my long twists this Spring. Be on the lookout for it and let me know what you think.

Let me know what you think of the collection in the Comments below. And if you’ve found some other cute sun hats, share the link below. Knowledge is power, sister.