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Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for June 2016: Get Ready for Summer

I’m rocking a very close cut TWA this summer so I can spend more time on life and less on my hair.

As part of my Love My Natural Hair – Love My Natural Life Movement, I have selected the Top 10 Natural Hairstyles for June 2016 that make it possible for Naturalistas to spend more time enjoying life this summer and less on their hair.

Yeah, if you rock these natural hairstyles this summer, you’ll still have to spend a little time loving on your beautiful coils and coils each day – you still have to keep your hair cleaned, moisturized and oiled – but you won’t have to do as much manipulation to style your natural hair. And just so you know WHY I’ve taken this direction, here’s a pic of my current closely cropped TWA. Because of this hairstyle, I’m able to get my hair out the way in SEVEN minutes in the morning. You can’t beat it. You can get outside – looking amazing – and enjoy all this beautiful sunshine.

All of these natural styles are not short cuts and TWA’s – the top 5 are – but all of them are about easy maintenance.

Enjoy! And as usual, if you find one that you’re planning to rock, post a link to your hairstyle, so you can inspire others. . and so I can tell you how amazing you look. [And extra bonus.]

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Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for February 2016

February is the month of . . mass overspending in an empty attempt to prove. . LOVE. LOL.

No seriously, I have a romantic side. It just doesn’t kick in on one day of the year.

For example, I’ve been in a long-term romance with my natural hair. I LOVE IT! And I crush on other beautiful sisters who are rocking their natural hair every single day. So, here’s the list of natural hairstyles that are going to grab attention, make hearts pitter-patter, and make you fall in love in February.

Here are my Top 10 Natural Hair Styles for February 2016. Be inspired. Be supportive. Be Bold!

Dreaded Bun
Color. Dreads. Bun. PERFECT!


Platinum TWA
Curly Mohawk
Curly Mohawk
When silk and chocolate meet
When Silk Meets Chocolate TWISTS
Precious Pompadour
This natural sister brought back the POMPADOUR!
You havent seen a puff until
Puff Momma
Side Swept Dreads
Side Swept Dreads
Wear your twisted crown
Wear Your Twisted Crown
Hey I did that
Of course, I love my wedding day hairdo!
Twist and Flair
She’s WINNING on the twist out
Look, whether you’re going to lavish your boo in gifts on Valentine’s Day or not, do something extra special for SOMEBODY. And if you’ve been ignoring your self – the #1 – in awhile that  may be the person that needs to be spoiled.