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The Most Glamorous Updos for Natural Hair: Christmas or New Year Party Hairstyles

When you step into your Christmas or New Year’s Eve Party you want to be THE sexiest woman in the room. I know. I know. The last thing you want to worry about is your hair. And why would you? It’s going to be gorgeous.

Here are 20 of the most glamorous natural hairstyle updos for you to select from or to inspire you holiday hairstyle look.

And because I’m in the Christmas mood, I’m including a link to my Christmas music playlist because it’s the music that inspired my selections. Get in the holiday mood. Get ready sis!

B Stands for THE BEST BRAIDED Cornrow Hairstyles of 2016

letterb_200x200In 2016, we’ve seen yet another surge of cultural misappropriation when it comes to traditional hairstyles for beautiful black women. Yet in still, the¬†most gorgeous braided hairstyles of 2016 were worn by beautiful brown¬†sisters who wore their hair in chunky, long, cornrow hairstyles. Looking for a protective natural hairstyle that will allow your hair to rest while the weather is cold and wet? Black women STILL own cornrows, sis!

Check out the ten best braided cornrow hairstyles of 2016 below.

What I love most about these hairstyles is the fact that these sisters have tamed EVERY strand of hair.

If you’re planning to rock your hair in cornrows to keep it protected from the winter weather, here are a couple of products I love most for edge control and some links to where you can find them online.