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Hair Color Ideas for Natural Hair: What’s the Best Natural Hair Color Out There?

 taste-the-rainbowSince going natural last year, I’ve really enjoyed tasting the rainbow. No, I don’t eat more Skittles! I have to watch this figure of mine. I have really been enjoying the process of going from one extreme to another with dyeing my natural hair.

I have really been enjoying the process of going from one extreme to another with dyeing my natural hair.

When I liberated myself from perms, I left behind any definition of how I’m supposed to look and just took to discovering how many different looks I feel comfortable wearing. And there have been A LOT of different hair colors and variations in hair lengths that I’ve tried on my natural hair, and although I’m not done tasting the rainbow yet, I thought I’d do a a quick roll call of some of the different colors that I’ve experimented with. Then, keep scrolling and I’ll give you the three colors I’m still crushing on. So, they will be my next, next, next color “tastes.”

Red Hair Dye
. Actually, it’s Auburn.
BEFORE the dye: My natural hair color.


Light(er) Honey Blonde
Brown hair w/ Honey Blonde Tips
Dark (er) Honey Blonde


Me today. I THINK this is my hair color.
Ebony: Black Hair Dye [Me TODAY]

What Natural Hair Colors You Can Expect Next. . . 

Check out my New2Natural Pinterest page. I’ve collected hundreds of natural lifestyle photographs of women with varying natural hairstyles, different hair lengths, and a slew of different hair colors that help me stay inspired and informed on the new natural hairstyles that others are trying. I hope you’re able to find a few that inspire you, too.

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All that appears to change with my TWA is the color

Over the last five months I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing in my hair. Twisting, twirling, brushing, combing, swirling. . ya know, all that stuff you’re not supposed to do once you step out of your hair dresser’s chair. And just as a point of transparency, I haven’t needed a hair dresser since I’ve gone natural. . but keep reading, you’ll get why. When I’m done adding a part to my hair, I cover it back up. When I’m done picking out all the curls, I usually spray a mist of moisture from my tiny water bottle I keep near the bathroom sink and get my hair to curl back up. And when I wrap it up like the beautiful models I’ve been seeing with the colorful head scarves, I usually hand pic my fro back. I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve really enjoyed wearing my hair in a fro. . and that’s about it. Five months. Same style. SO unlike me. The one thing I’ve changed multiple times since I went natural is my hair color. This is my “Blonde Bombshell” look.

And this is me as a “Risque Redhead.”

The red is much more vibrant! I LOVE it! . . for now. And I still wash my hair every other day. . or every day. . because I work out every day, and I’m a serious sweater. Because I wash my hair so much, I use a leave-in conditioner. . and shea butter. . and olive oil.