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Spring-Tastic Natural Hair Color Ideas

No matter how long the winter SPRING is sure to follow. And thank Goodness!  I’m so ready for long(er) walks, longer days, and warmer weather. I have seen enough browns and grays during the fall and winter to last me a lifetime. So, I’ve been on the look out for colors that will help brighten my look, and since it’s part of my obsessions, I’m starting with my hair color for natural hair.

Here are the boldest natural hair colors I’ve seen that have helped brighten up my outlook for spring. These natural hair colors make me happy. And who doesn’t need more happy?

My Natural Hair Bucket List

bucketlistSince I went natural in August of 2014, I have come up with SO many products, accessories, colors and styles that I want to try out on my hair. And I’ve actually done ALOT. I’ve colored it seven times, done two big chops, and tried out about 8 unique styles and have accrued about 2 bags of accessories, and I’m no where near stopping. But there are some major natural hair bucket list items that I’m totally fixated on.

Not everybody is going to agree with my choices, but the way my life set up. . I don’t really care!

Figure out a go-to head wrap style, and rock the crap out of it. If I can just get ONE wrap down, I’m doing it.

head wraphead wrap2 head wrap3I’ve found so many different ways sisters can rock head scarves and head wraps, I’ve GOT to try it out.


Try crochet braids. I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the styles my naturalista sisters have come up with. I’ve got to try at least one.

crochet braids3 crochet hair1

Here are some protective hairstyle pics to give you other protective style ideas, too.


Wear super long braids. . preferably to Jamaica. This one will be tricky because I have debilitating migraines that are FINALLY under control. But a girl can hope. Right?

braids1 braids2



Color my hair hot pink. [You’re not gonna talk me out of this one, so please spare me the negative comments.]

HO prettyinpink1

prettyinpink2Here are the colors I’ve already tried when I dyed my natural hair. You can see that pink is definitely not out of the questions.


Grow my hair into a SUPER fro!

blackgirllongfro erykahbadufro


Get my top bun on! Oh my goodness! I just love them soooooooooooooooooooo much!

beautifulbun messybun



Wear my glorious silver. Just let a few silver strands grow in. You gonna see!

gorgeousgray2 gorgeousgrayhair


Feel free to share your natural hair bucket list items. I know you’ve got some.