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Protective Natural Hairstyles for our Beautiful Black Babies

Just like us, our babies are counting the days until they will have entire Summer days to lay, play, travel. . and bounce against the walls. Well, they don’t really think about that last one, but we know it’s coming.

As the days warm up, free up some of your time by using a protective natural hairstyles for your beautiful black babies. I have created a gallery of the twenty most gorgeous natural hairstyles for kids out there. The photo gallery below includes beautiful braid hairstyles for kids and twist hairstyles for kids; and these mommies are doing all kinds of styles with braids and twists. Check them out and if you think they will work for your beautiful black baby, please use it, photograph it, and include a link to your pic in the Comments below. I’d love to see!

If you’re looking for some special occasion natural hairstyles for kids, here are some Easter-themed hairstyles that may give you the fancy you’re looking for.

Get YOUR Groove Back with these Beautiful Braided Hairstyles

When I sit in my stylist chair to get my hair braided into cornrows, I imagine that I’m re-entering the doorway to my girlhood. So, when she’s done, and my usually short hair is swinging every where, I feel the same giddy I felt when Momma would fill my 8-year old head with braids and colorful barrettes. I don’t skip when I’m leaving the shop (I do that in private) or fling my hair at every opportunity, so I try to keep some of that eight year old behavior under wraps, but when I wear braids, I feel so. . . . young.

michaela-angela-davisIn a recent interview with the Huffington Post,   Michaela Angela Davis describes the connection between braided natural hair and a black woman’s feeling of youth when she says “Braids are the symbolic ropes that hold us together through horror and play, alike…Black girl braids are strong, resourceful and fly,” says Davis. “Black girl braids swing, honey…Braids are the evidence of blackness and girlhood, a combination often avoided in places of glamour or import. The presence of braids become cultural markers.”

Shooooo, I don’t think Stella could’ve even gotten her groove back without those beautiful braids that got her everyday hair maintenance off her mind, so she could focus on her own needs.

If you’re looking for a protective hairstyle that may help you forget about the majority of everyday natural hair maintenance, so you can focus on getting YOUR groove back, well these natural braided natural hairstyles may be for you, sis.

Let me know if you’re going to rock one of these braided natural hairstyles or if you’ve found a better one that you’re going to wear. I’d love to see a pic.

And if you’re looking for even more protective natural hairstyles, check out these Marley, Havana and Senegalese Twist Hairstyles here