Beautiful Protective Styles for Women Who Love Their Natural Hair

Who’s rocking a protective hairstyle on your natural hair to get through these blah winter days until the bright sunshine (and super hot temperatures) of summer come along and add just the right light to set off our beautiful natural hair for the most perfect summer time selfie ever? : >) I know you doing it. And I don’t blame you. . especially since the protective styles I’ve been checking out lately are just drop down gorgeous! Whether you’re new to natural hair or you’ve been rocking your natural hair for years, it’s important to have a style you can wear that gives you a few days where you don’t have to mess with your natural hair. . just give it time to grow and be fabulous.

I mean protect me, honey, and make me look beautiful, too. I love the protective hairstyles these sisters are coming up with. Gone are the days where we have to just wear a hat, a scarf, or single braid to hide away our beautiful natural hair until the bad weather, busy days, or lack of time for daily maintenance is over.

Here are some protective hairstyle pics to give you some ideas on other ways you can step up your protective hair style game.

Three Braids and a Twist
NeNe is rocking some fierce Bantu Knots
Crochet Braids
Flat Twisted Bun
Jump Rope Braids


Braided Bun
Two Strand Twists
Side Cornrow Braids & Twists
You can get lost in this Infinity Twist
Havana Twists

Don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT there! I’m still working with my little TWA from my second big chop because I’m managing a little touch of Short Hairstyle Addiction that I can’t seem to shake for the world. Yet I’m always on the look out for my next big hair crush. I’ve already decided on about 10 protective styles that I want to use once I get through this “trying time” and grow my hair to a length that my talented hairdresser Tab can even work with. So, I’ll post some protective style selfies in 2016.. forbidding some serious hair chopping relapse (that tends to consistently occur every three months). Look, just pray for me. LOL

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