Adorable Hairstyles for Kids with Natural Hair

My baby girl’s hair was SO thick.

By the time I got it all cleaned, moisturized and de-tangled I had used up all my brain cells and time, so I would give her the same two pony tails every time. I loved them because they saved me time. She hated them because her hair was always the same.

Well, not always. When we went to church I added bows. When she went to school, I removed the barrettes and just wrapped her hair into a bun so she didn’t lose all those pretty barrettes.

Now, thanks to the wonderful world of the web I run across adorable natural hairstyles for kids every day. I hate that she won’t let me comb her hair anymore.

Is 23 really too old for your momma to comb your hair?

Oh well. Because these hairstyles for kids with natural hair are SO cute, I want to share them to help another frustrated, tired, mommas who are trying to get baby girl’s hair done. . and maybe are looking for something different.

biggirlbun bowtotheside braidedponytails braidintoatwistedbun braidstopuff braidswithclips infinitytwistwithabow pinkbowsandknockers sidebraidsbacktwists sidebraidswithtwists tieddownpuffsandfluff twistsamillion twistsfrontbraidsandbeads twiststopuffs

Of course, if you’re looking for more¬†natural hairstyles for yourself or for an older child, I’ve got you covered. Click here for all the natural hairstyles you need.¬†