Natural Hairstyles Top 10 List for April 2016

I refuse to believe it is already APRIL.


I haven’t even finished my Spring Cleaning. And I haven’t started planting my vegetable garden. And I haven’t found the PERFECT pair of sandals and nail polish. Spring can’t come yet!!! Not yet!


But at least I’ve found ten of the sexiest natural hairstyles you can rock this Spring, so you and your natural hair will look amazing during these warmer days.

Now, I’m going to start you off with these gorgeous ladies rocking short-short and super sexy hair cuts. Oooooooooooooooooh! The TWA’s these three ladies are rocking are SO Cute!

Curly, short natural hairstyle with a side part
This sister has the front of her TWA laid to the side and a cute side part going through all those curls.

TWA twist out
This beautiful sister is rocking a twist out in her TWA.

ultra wavy TWA with side part
I love this little side part in her ultra wavy and super short TWA. Thinking about getting one of these super short hairstyles? Here are some other beautiful ladies with gorgeous short natural hair. 

Now for three different twists on your classic natural hair bun.

Cornrows with a braided bun
This sister has pulled her cornrows into a cute top bun.

Two cute side buns
Beautiful textured natural hair is pulled into two sexy side buns.

elegant knotted bun
This elegant knotted bun may be my favorite twist on the traditional natural hair bun.

These two ladies are rocking what I like to refer to as Special Occasion Hair because they are both wearing gorgeous Natural Updos that I’m crushing hard on.

braided natural updo
This braided updo is messy, but still so beautifully put together. It’s a work of art!

super fancy twisted updo on natural hair
Speaking of a “work of art.” That pretty much sums up this twist natural update. It’s just A-MA-ZING and beautiful.

All of us beautiful black women want to walk around here looking fancy, but rarely do we have time to pull a super fancy natural hairstyle together. So I’m going to close out with a couple of gorgeous sisters that will make you always want to throw your hair into a cute puff hairstyle.

Big curly puff on natural hair
This gorgeous sister has a beautiful, full curly puff.

gorgous color and lovely curl definition
She has combined this gorgeous color and lovely curl definition into a beautiful natural hair puff.

Cute Easter Hairstyles for Little Girls with Natural Hair

Mom, I know you have found the perfect Easter dress, ruffled socks, and maybe gloves and a hat if you go all in like my Momma would do. So, I’ve pulled together a gallery of the cutest Easter Hairstyles for Little Girls with Natural Hair so you don’t have to do a lot of searching for a natural hairstyle that’s going to work for your little princess. Although I’ve included recommended ages for each hairstyle, you know Baby Girl better then I do, so if you think she’s old enough to work it, then ignore my recommendation and get started.

Reply in the comments below if you plan to try one of these natural hairstyles on your little girl.

I know that no Easter natural hairstyle is complete until you add the right bow or accessory to finish it off. So, here are links to cute and colorful natural hair accessories for little naturals. Just click on the picture to purchase it on Amazon.

Natural Hair Accessories for Little Girl Hairstyles: colorful hair clips
2 inch Colorful Alligator Clips (40 pieces)

Little Girls with Natural Hair will love these cute colorful bows
3 inch Boutique Hair Bows Girls Kids Children Alligator Clip (20 pieces )

Get colorful hairbands that won't break your little natural's hair out.
Colorful Rabbit Ears Hair bands (10 pieces )

Accent your little natural's hair with these colorful hair bow clips.
Colorful Hair Bow Clips (9 pieces)

When you braid your little natural's hair into a cornrow hairstyle, don't forget these colorful beads.
Colorful plastic beads (2300 pieces)

I grew up wearing these colorful barrettes and still love seeing them in natural hairstyles for kids
Cute, colorful hair barrettes (26 pieces)

Colorful Flower Hair Clips (12 pieces)