What is good hair?

It’s never JUST about your hair, ya know.
Back in the day, especially in the South, my people – Black people – actually judged the “goodness” of skin color by whether you were lighter or darker than a brown paper bag. If you were lighter, you were fair skinned and pretty. If you were darker, you were black and ugly.

Look, don’t judge me.  I’m just telling you what it was. Where I grew up in Port Arthur, TX there were all kinds of ways to isolate different groups of Black people, to keep them from pooling their spiritual, intellectual and financial resources to uplift their race. But that was a long time ago, right? Why keep talking about that stuff?

Now adays there are not enough paper bags in circulation so that particular test isn’t really practical, so we’ve got to fixate on something else, right? And why not hair? It’s right on the very top of your head. And it’s different for everyone. So, why not define beauty by hair texture?

Little black girls are now coming to the conclusion that their hair is not pretty because they don’t have GOOD HAIR. They have been taught by the media, other kids, and sometimes their parents (in additional to everyone else) that because their hair is kinky, it’s not good.

Uuugh, this whole definition of good hair is making me Crazy! [Yes. I had to use a capital C. This  is SO serious.]

When I was a little girl, my hair was EXTRA kinky. Ooooh, I loved it! It made me look tall and tough and different from all the girls who’s mommas permed their hair. Oooooh, it was SO cool the way it encircled my face. I looked like a lion cub with a full mane.

I’m not going to reminisce too much. I promise. I’ve already documented my memories of how much I loved my natural hair before my momma decided to make it more manageable and “pretty.” If you missed it, here’s a link where I go into detail. It’ll probably bring back some memories for you, too.

My point in this whole thing is we have to STOP taking part in this madness wherein we cover up our beautiful kinky locks with Asian-derived weave and sport that every day. We have to stop being afraid to go out the door until we’ve straightened our hair. We have to stop posting a million pictures of pretty mixed chicks and idolizing their locks. We have to fall in love with our natural selves.

naturalbeautifulIdolize your own hair!!

Dark Skin is Beautiful!

Kinky Hair is SO Gorgeous!

Full Lips are Sexy!

Have you not checked out all these celebrities paying to get lips like yours??!!

So, your hair doesn’t naturally lay down. OK. So, you have to tug at your locks in order to measure hair growth. OK. So, you have 4a, b, c, k-l-m-n-o-p type  hair. So what? Who cares?

God has never made a mistake. Not a single one!!! Ever!

So give up on the notion that your beautiful hair that is growing on your beautiful head is not GOOD. Sister, keep your hair cleaned, moisturized, and loved and it will be good. I promise you. . whether you get a compliment or not. IT. IS. GOOD!!! It is beautiful.

But if you need a test to determine if your hair is good, please answer these 3 questions.

If all of your replies are Yes, then you indeed have good hair. Congratulations!

And please sisters. Please brothers. Please please please. If you’re going to post pics, mix in some variety. Hell, post your beautiful pics! I do. I OVER share my natural hair pics and I know my hair is the kinkiest of them all. But I love it. Because it is mine. I wear my natural hair. My good hair. And it’s SO gorgeous.

Yes. This is me patting myself on the back for wearing the hair God gave me and loving it and loving myself.. and loving you, too!

If I haven’t said it enough to be clear, here I go one more time.

You have good hair.

You just have to take off the blinders so you can see it. And who gives two shits about whether the rest of the world recognizes your good hair?

Encourage A Sister with Natural Hair Today

You never know what someone else is going through. And sometimes your words – whether positive or negative – have an amazing influence on the person you’ve spoken to, and you don’t even know it.

But today, I’m going to ask you to make a conscious decision to encourage a sister who is rocking her natural hair.

In person , via Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, by messaging pigeon. . .


Every day, a sister with natural hair receives negative looks, is excluded from any connotation with beauty in all the glitz and glam in the national media, has to often deal with uncomfortable (and sometimes downright inappropriate) staring , and she may even have had someone snicker at her hair today. You just wouldn’t believe what some sisters have to endure once they’ve decided that they’re not going to perm their hair anymore.

So, I’m asking YOU to show some support today.

Encourage a sister with natural hair.

Just tell her that she’s beautiful.

I mean, why not? It’s true! You’re thinking it anyway.

And here’s some extra encouragement to you, beautiful sister, who is rocking your own natural hair. I want to remind you that younger black girls and women are watching you. And they haven’t yet made the decision to rock their natural hair yet. But they are observing how you hold your head high, how you style your gorgeous natural hair in different ways, even how you compliment other women with natural hair, and they too are making the decision to go natural.

Please watch the video below of two young black sisters who have been natural for more than ten years, and they are describing their natural journey. And they have some encouragement for you, too.

And remember that just as every day another black women decides to go natural, there are also scores of black women who are giving up on the journey because they don’t feel supported, or they don’t feel beautiful, or they just don’t think they have what it takes to just be themselves and to love their own beautiful hair. Represent today for YOU and for them.

Much love, Natural Beauties!



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