HOW TO Grow Your Natural Hair

I have read so many articles on How to Grow Your Natural Hair from all these companies trying to make money off of us queens. I read one from a company selling hair texturizers that said to grow your hair you have to make it easy to comb, so you need to apply a texturizer.


No. Stop! Just stop it right now!

howtogrowhairI live the natural hair life. Even though I love my super short hair, I’ve grown my hair out naturally and it didn’t require me to add a texturizer, or wrap every strand of my hair in rubber bands to pull it from the root, or use a hot comb. Those tactics straighten your hair strands so you can visually see more length, but they are really not promoting hair growth. In fact, they are damaging your hair cuticles and hair shafts, so in the long run you are really stunting your hair growth. You don’t want that!

If you want to grow your natural hair:

Start by eating a healthy diet.  What’s inside will show up on the outside. . in your skin, nails, HAIR, breath. So, take care of your temple, Queen, by eating plenty of fruits and veggies and drinking as much water as you can stand; and try to limit your intake of fatty and processed foods.

Also, massage your scalp to increase blood circulation and promote hair growth. No, we don’t want everyone touching our hair. But every once in a while you gonna have to get your hands dirty. [Well, really your scalp should be clean.] But the point I’m making is that you should frequently use your hands to give yourself a deep scalp massage. You can even do it while your co-washing, but try to do it for 20-30 minutes to get that blood flowing.

And since I’ve mentioned it: You are going to have to keep your hair and scalp clean. So, when your hair is dirty, co-wash it. When your hair is weighed down by oil, and dirt, and whatever product you use, wash it with shampoo. . and then apply the LOC method. (Leave-In. Oil. Cream.) You can massage your scalp during each step of the LOC method. Just don’t forget when you wash, you’ve got to seal in the moisture  with oil and reinforce your hair follicles to prevent breakage.

Don’t be afraid to trim your natural hair. Just like with permed hair, you have to stay on top of split ends as soon as you see them. Ignoring split ends will lead to unhealthy hair that’s prone to breakage. Cut the split ends off and the new hair that will grow in will be healthier. And the new hair WILL grow in.

And I know not all naturals are going to like this last one, but it is what it is.

Avoid heat!

I know when you were living the permed life, you got use to that silky, straight style. Here’s the thing: You not bout that life no mo. 

Queen, rock your authentic texture as often as you can because over time heat does exactly what it’s meant to do: Dry your hair. Burn you hair. Scorch your hair.

Your hair NEEDS moisture. It doesn’t need heat. 

I follow the most natural hair care regimen out there because I’m working with a really short natural haircut. [It’s not for everyone, but it works well for me.] They’re quick and easy to do.

Here’s the link to my natural hair care regimen.

Check it out. If it works for you, WONDERFUL, if not, hit me back. Let me know what does.